Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Preface

In Chemnitz’ preface for his examination he first introduces the theologians and context surrounding the occasion for his examination.  The first person mention is John Alber who Chemnitz calls “a hired scapegoat” and “poor hotshot from the University of Ingolstadt.” He was the first to justify the existence of the Jesuits against claims that they were established for the sole purpose of destroying the Lutheran churches of Germany.  Chemnitz then moves to Jacob Payva Andrada, “a boastful orator to act out the farce of the Jesuits.”  It is Andrada who is the primary opponent of Chemnitz and who Chemnitz directly attacks in the rest of his preface. 
            Following an introduction of characters, Chemnitz recounts the story of the formation and growth of the Jesuit movement citing Andrada.  He notes in paragraph 6 that he tells this story so as to discount the good will of the Jesuits for he believes that the papal authorities intentionally used the Jesuits to destroy the progress made through the education of German children and the preaching against German churches.
            Finally Chemnitz looks at the authority of the Council of Trent.  He states that no council or synod can establish truth without the norm and testing of Scripture which Trent has failed to do.  Therefore it is Chemnitz’ goal to examine the decrees of Trent against Scripture and the Fathers in order to demonstrate their false doctrine and teaching.

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